WHATEVER IT TAKES TRUST INC Mental Health Peer Support Services in Hawkes Bay

Peer Support/Community Support

This is a service that provides support to clients living in the community to assist them with any aspects of daily living that they may need help with. It includes accompanying clients to appointments at WINZ, Housing NZ, lawyers, doctors, Community Mental Health services, the DHB or wherever they need to be. Our community support workers [case managers] also assist clients with budgeting, shopping, socialising, accessing community groups and organisations and also with accessing safe, affordable housing.

Consumer Leadership, Consultancy and Liaison

This is a service to the DHB, mental health provider agencies and all mental health consumers in Hawkes Bay. Our MH Advisor assists providers of MH services to plan and develop services that are appropriate for clients and makes sure that the voice of the consumers of MH services is heard and considered by those providing MH services to clients right across Hawkes Bay.

Consumer Advocacy Services

This service ensures that MH consumers across Hawkes Bay have appropriate support and advocacy when dealing with clinical services, legal issues, housing, benefit entitlements or any other issue that they might need assistance with. Our advocates can accompany clients to these forums and speak on their behalf if necessary. This is a service for individual MH consumers to access for assistance.

Consumer Resource and Information Service - The Lighthouses

The Lighthouses are day centres in Napier (24 Leyland Street) and Hastings (213e Queen Street East) where clients can go Monday to Friday to meet others, take part in group programmes, access support and information, utilize the gym and share lunch in the company of others. This is the longest running service at WIT and has been an important social connection for clients for over 20 years.

Residential Care Services

WIT provides a number of residential care services where clients live supported by our staff. Some of these services are staffed 24/7 while others have different levels of staffing. In some situations clients live in their own units or flats while in others they share a house. All WIT residential care services are tailored to the specific needs of our clients to ensure that they have the very best quality of life possible.

Activity based Recovery Support Service

This service is run at our centre called Manaia House, 85 Wellesley Road, Napier and clients take part in recovery programmes that are provided to enhance their lives and develop skills for independent living in the community. There are sport and recreation programmes, cooking, walking, art, music, fishing, networking and waka ama groups amongst others. Clients graduate from these programmes feeling confident and independent.

Community Social Housing

WIT is also a Registered Social Housing Provider with MBI&E and thus provides social housing across Hawkes Bay to mental health clients. This means that we can ensure that our MH clients have affordable, warm, safe housing on a long term basis. WIT discovered early in our existence that housing was a critical issue for our clients.

Other Information

We also operate ‘Return to Work’ programmes for mental health consumers in lawns and cleaning teams. We have strong links with HBDHB staff and services and other government and NGO agencies in Hawkes Bay with whom we work to support our clients.

To deliver all these services WIT currently has 3 residential facilities, 3 day activity centres, a portfolio of 42 rental residential properties and a staff of 70 employees. The services are located in Napier and Hastings and surrounding district. WIT peer support and advocacy staff work across Hawkes Bay. Our head office is based in Ahuriri in Napier.

WIT is a peer support service and thus we have a policy of employing at least 70% of our staff who have themselves had a journey of mental health difficulties. We also employ a number of staff who have a close family member experience mental health difficulties so as a staff team we are able to empathise with our clients and understand the struggles and the difficulties they experience.

WIT primarily operates from a narrative perspective and we are totally client focussed in our service delivery approach. Support and services are tailored to meet clients’ needs and hopes for the future as we walk alongside them on their journey to recovery. Our services are strengths based and we work to build clients strengths and abilities to live independently and well in the communities of Hawkes Bay.

WIT has an on-going focus on professional development and training for all staff. A number of staff continue their on-going educational qualifications at a number of tertiary institutions as well as service specific training being provided by WIT. Regular supervision is provided to all staff and cultural supervision is provided across the organisation to ensure that we work in appropriate ways with our Maori clients particularly as they make up approximately 60% of our client numbers.

WIT has been delivering mental health services in Hawkes Bay for more than 15 years. We currently provide the following services: